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Back & Spine Injury Compensation Claims

Spine Injury Compensation Claim Solicitor

Spinal Injury Claims

Folgate Legal specialise in the conduct of serious injury claims, including injuries caused to the spine in accidents such as road traffic collisions or falls.

When pursuing spinal injury claims we will seek to obtain medical evidence from experts in order to diagnose the nature and extent of any injury. The spine has a complex anatomy and modern scanning techniques may be used to establish the cause of any spinal symptoms. The process aims to show that the symptoms are attributable to an injury as there are other naturally occurring processes such as degeneration which also occur. In cases of serious and immediate injury the cause may be obvious.

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The Vertebrae

The spine is made up of vertebrae which are stacked on top of one another. These are small bones that can become fractured by an accident, diseased or degenerate. The vertebrae create a canal that protects the spinal cord within it. The spinal cord extends from the skull to the lumbar spine (lower back).

Nerves branch out from the spinal cord through openings in the vertebrae and carry messages between the brain and muscles. Sometimes symptoms may be caused by nerve root irritation. The other parts of the spine are the cervical spine (neck) and thoracic spine (the middle back).

The Spinal Cord

The spinal cord ends in the lower back and continues as nerve roots. This bundle of nerve roots is called the cauda equina. They leave the spinal canal through openings in the vertebrae called foramen. Cauda equina syndrome is caused by compression of the nerves. This condition is a medical emergency and failure to diagnose in a timely manner can give rise to a claim for clinical negligence.

Muscles and ligaments provide support and stability for the spine and upper body. These soft tissue structures are also therefore very important and can suffer injury in the event of an accident.

Discs and Rehabilitation

Intervertebral discs sit in between the vertebrae. They are flat and round and act as “shock absorbers”. If a disc has “prolapsed” or slipped (possibly as a result of an accident) this can cause symptoms of sciatica.

In cases of spinal injury rehabilitation may assist in aiding recovery. A multi-disciplinary approach is often taken by rehabilitation providers such as Papworth Trust to provide vocational and psychological support if required as well as standard conservative treatment options such as physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation costs may be capable of being obtained by way of interim payment by the compensating insurance company or other organisation.

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