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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Compensation Claims for Chronic Pain & CRPS

Severe Pain Condition

Complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS is a condition associated with a physical injury. The condition is recognised by the medical profession if not entirely understood. It is believed that a pain trigger occurs but does not shut down as would happen normally during the course of a recovery.

The chronic pain usually affects an arm or a leg and typically develops after an injury, an operation, a stroke or a heart attack. The pain is out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury.

Sudek’s Atrophy and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy are names previously ascribed to this type of condition.

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Pain Condition Claims

Insurance companies can be understandably sceptical of Claimants who develop this condition because it results in a level of disability which is often significant beyond what would might be envisaged as normally arising from what may have been a relatively innocuous injury. In many CRPS cases there is also a psychological overlap or background to further complicate the scenario. However, there are some physical signs associated with the condition which may be capable of being demonstrated over and above witness testimony about the enduring pain.

Signs & Symptoms

Continuous burning or throbbing pain
Abnormal hair and/or nail growth
Skin temperature changes
Sensitivity to touch or cold
Joint stiffness and limb swelling
Muscle wasting

CRPS Case First Steps

First it will need to be determined if you have sustained an injury that triggered CRPS within the last three years and if so, was another person to blame for the was to blame for the incident and injury.

It is essential to obtain the very highest quality of expert opinion from a Pain Management Consultant with suitable and sufficient experience in medico-legal reporting.

A suitably experienced lawyer in this specialist field such as Marc Folgate, will put any claim on the best course.

To initiate a discussion about your CRPS condition with a view to assessing a potential compensation case get in touch with Folgate Legal

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