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Suffered an Accident or Injury at Work?

Injury at Work Claim Specialist

Work Injury Claims

It is the duty of an employer to take reasonable care to ensure that an employee does not suffer an injury at work. Statutory regulations govern systems and places of work.

Work places come in many forms such as warehouses, construction sites and offices. An employer must ensure that any work equipment provided is safe to use and will be responsible for any injury caused by defective work equipment.

Folgate Legal’s team has an excellent track record in providing legal support and compensation claim advice arising from accidents in the course of employment. The following are some examples of the work based injury claims that we frequently handle:-

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Injuries Caused by Falling Items

Under Regulation 13 of The Work Place (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 an employer is required to take suitable and effective measures to prevent any person falling a distance likely to cause injury or any person being struck by a falling object. The same regulations also provide that floors in work places should not be uneven or slippery and that they should be kept free from obstructions and from any item or substance which might cause an employee to slip, trip or fall.

Lifting and Back Injuries

An employer is under a duty to undertake a risk assessment and to reduce to the lowest level possible, the likelihood of any employee suffering a back injury whilst lifting at work. The Health and Safety Executive provided guidance on safe lifting limits and employees are assisted by The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 which set out the duties of an employer with regard to safe lifting.

Vicarious Liability Cases

A common situation that arises in the workplace is that one employee becomes injured by another. An example might be a situation in which the driver of a forklift truck hits another employee in a warehouse, causing injury. In those circumstances, the employer will be liable for the negligence of the forklift truck driver and the insurers of the employer will meet the liability to pay compensation even though the injury was caused by the negligence of another employee. This is known as the principle of vicarious liability.

Industrial Diseases

Industrial disease claims can be rather more complex because they are likely to involve injuries which progress over a period of time. Marc Folgate is experienced in pursuing claims for diseases which have only come to light many decades after the exposure to the cause of the disease. Our website contains a separate section relating to asbestos related claims but there are other industrial disease claims that can arise from exposure to substances at work or excessive repetitive movements giving rise to Work Related Upper Limb Disorders.

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