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Head & Brain Injury Solicitor

Brain Injury Compensation Claim Solicitor

Brain Injury Claims

Folgate Legal Limited specialises in claims involving head and brain injury. This area of practice can be very contentious in terms of dealing with the issue of causation. In order to recover compensation an injury victim must show that the accident caused the injury complained of.

Sometimes brain injury can be difficult to definitively diagnose, particularly if there is a previous medical history. Brain injury and psychological injury can go hand in hand. Separating out what might be caused by organic damage to brain structure as opposed to psychological disturbance can be challenging for experts.

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Resulting Changes

Family members can assist as well as neuropsychological assessment to determine any cognitive deficit which may have arisen. Relatives and friends are sometimes best placed to determine how such a victim may have changed since an accident. Factors which may be significant in this regard are:

Mood disturbance
Bursts of anger
Personality change
Memory loss
Word finding difficulties

Other Injuries & Treatment

A psychological injury is likely to be compensated for if it is associated with a physical injury regardless. Where there is no physical injury the test as to whether a pure psychological injury will be compensated for becomes rather more complicated.

Rehabilitation treatments might include:-

  1. Physiotherapy;
  2. Speech and language therapy;
  3. Behavioural or psychological therapy.

It may also be necessary to appoint a Case Manager to assist in putting together a package of therapy, care and provision of aids and equipment for the victim.

Brain Injury Evidence

When diagnosing a brain injury images which may have been taken at hospital, such as MRI or CT scans can provide important evidence as can neurological observations and records, such as:

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) scores recorded in the post-accident notes
The extent of any retrograde amnesia (pre-accident memory loss)
The extent of any true post-traumatic amnesia
If embarking on a head or brain injury claim experienced representation is always advisable. Folgate Legal will focus at an early stage on obtaining the best evidence to prove the injury and the loss that has arisen.

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