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Call Me Back

From an email written to Marc Folgate… “I very happy with the service your provided to me and that I am very pleased with my decision to pursue the claim with you acting on my behalf. I could not fault any aspect of the handling of the case nor can I fault the correspondence. I found that you had only requested a meeting of when it was viable to do so. That is to mean when something had to be discussed face to face as opposed to a general this is where we are and this is what will happen. I felt that the level of correspondence was great and I am pleased that there was no “keeping in touch” letters. Every letter I received was to inform me of an update or once progress had been made.

I would like to say that I am extremely grateful for all you hard work and effort that you have put into my case and getting me the best possible result. I would be recommending your services should I ever have the opportunity to do so. You would also be the first person I would contact should I ever have the misfortune to require this service again.”